Sue Lor – Study Abroad in South Korea

Hello from South Korea!

About three weeks ago I was studying abroad on a faculty-led program in France for Wine & Food Pairing and now I’m studying abroad in South Korea as an exchange student through ISEP at Ajou University. Let me introduce myself again. My name is Sue Lor; and I’m majoring in Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management and minoring in Applied Foreign Languages. This study abroad program is the third study abroad program that I’ve taken through UW-Stout.

I choose to study abroad in South Korea because I wanted to come study and learn about the Korean culture and language. I’ve always regarded the Korean language as one of the hardest languages to learn thus I am here to challenge myself to learn the language. Besides the Korean language course, I will also be taking an International Marketing course which will also be very challenging and interesting. The main reason that I choose to come to Ajou University to study abroad in the summer was due to the fact that Ajou requires the exchange students on this program to participate in culture workshops (which include field trips to Jeju Island, the Korean Folk Village, the Mud Festival, Everland Amusement Park, and etc.). Not only do we just study, but we also get to go out and experience the culture of Korea through these activities.

I’ve always been on faculty-led study abroad programs, so going on an exchange program was a very interesting and fun experience. With the knowledge that I learned from my previous study abroad programs, I lead my friend and me through the airports and subway stations until we arrived in our Airbnb in Seoul. The next day we took a taxi to Ajou University and began our dorm lifestyles. I’ve never lived in the dorms before it took a while to get out of my comfort zone and adjust to the dorm lifestyle. On the 29th of June all the exchange students in the summer program here went on a trip to Jeju Island for three days. There in Jeju Island we went kayaking, toured the Play K-pop Museum, went horseback riding, climbed up to the Seongsan Illchul Peak (one of the tallest mountains made from volcanoes in Jeju Island), explored the ManJang cave, tried to find our way out of the Gimnyeong Maze Park, went to the Hamduk Beach, and went to the Haenyeo (Women Divers) Meseuem. There in Jeju Island we had the opportunity to eat Jeju Black Pig (a cuisine that Jeju is known for). We arrived back to the University on Friday night and on Saturday the 3rd we went to the Korean Folk Village around noon. There at the Korean Folk Village we were able to see how the Korean lifestyles were back in the days. Not only that but we also had the opportunity to visit the areas on the Folk Village where Korean dramas (TV shows) were filmed! After our fun filled and tiring week, we began our classes on the fourth of July. Tune in next week for more adventures.




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