Sue Lor – Study Abroad in France


Continuing on from where we left off last time in France, we moved on to Bordeaux from Paris. We instantly fell in love with Bordeaux! Compared to Paris it was a much calmer, peaceful, and a relaxing city full of history. While in Bordeaux we visited the Wine Museum, La Cite du Vin (the new wine amusement park), and many other places. After a few days in Bordeaux we left for Auros where we stayed at the Rouge Bordeaux B&B. We loved it there at the B&B because we felt very comfortable there as if we were at home. Throughout our trip we visited many wine yards and learned a lot about the winemaking process. In addition to that, at the Chateau Coutet I found wine bottles that were made the year that I was born! We also had the chance to visit a chocolate factory and there we purchased some dark chocolate for our group to make our pineapple coconut macarons. Yes, our small group learned how to make macarons! Our hosts Megan and Julien were awesome helping us throughout the way whether it was interpreting for us or just helping us and making us feel at home! Our classes were held regularly at the B&B and there we cooked a five course French meal in which we paired them with French wine in our three respective small groups. Every group’s meals turn out good and paired with the wine very well. Rewinding back a bit we went to Aracachon as a mini vacation before we had to cook our five course meals which were counted as half of our final project. In Aracachon we went to the beach which bordered the Atlantic Ocean, ate seafood, climbed the huge sand dunes at the Dune du Pilat, and relaxed ourselves. After one night and two days in Aracachon we came back recharged and relaxed back to Auros to wrap up our class. After all the groups had completed cooking their meals, a graduation ceremony was held for us in the courtyard of a castle. This thus ends my short, but very meaningful faculty-led study abroad in France for Wine & Food Pairing.

On to the next adventure!



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