Becca Frederiksen – Study Abroad in Florence, Italy

Hi again!

Florence is one of the most beautiful, energetic cities I’ve ever been in. Aside from the large crowds of tourists and cars that won’t stop for you, Florence has so much to offer, from the quaint coffee shops that only locals know about to the leather stores to the many historical museums to the high-end retail stores to the amazing (and I mean AMAZING) gelato shops.

Within the first week of being here, I found a cute coffee shop just around the corner from my apartment called Ditta Artigianale. I probably stop here every other morning for one of the best croissants I think I’ve ever had (along with a cup of delicious cappuccino). It’s a quaint place with an adorable interior where I can sit, enjoy a cappuccino, and work on homework. I am so glad I came across this place so early on in my stay here! Finding this place might be one of my favorite things I’ve discovered about Florence so far.

I enjoy going to class every day and learning a lot about the retail industry from a global perspective as well as experiencing things I wouldn’t have if I took this class in the United States. One day, our class visited the Leather School of Florence which is a workshop that handcrafts one-of-a-kind leather products with genuine leather made in Florence. It’s also a school that teaches college-level students how to become leather craftsmen. During our visit, we got to see how leather handbags were hand made and we got to see the area where the students learned and created their final projects for the course they were in. I wish my budget allowed me to take one of those handbags home with me!

There are so many different things to experience while in Florence. I’m starting to think that being here for a month is not enough time to see/do everything I want to! I guess I’ll have to come back here again!


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