Becca Frederiksen – Study Abroad in Florence, Italy

Buongiorno! My name is Becca Frederiksen and I will be a junior in the fall at University of Wisconsin-Stout in the Retail Merchandising and Management program! I am from Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. For the month of June, I am studying abroad in Florence, Italy at Lorenzo de Medici University.

A lot of my friends travel frequently and would tell all of these incredible stories about the places they’ve been. I would always be so jealous of them because my family never really traveled much when I was younger. So, now that I’m older, I made it a goal to travel as much as I can. The reason I am studying abroad is because I want experience the feelings my friends get when traveling so I can tell them all about it like they always tell me!

On the plane ride over to Italy, I wrote down in a journal I am keeping for this trip some of the things I expect out of this trip. Here are some of the expectations I have:

  • To broaden my horizons and cultures
  • To travel outside of Florence and experience so many new things!
  • To eat lots of gelato
  • To meet life-long friends
  • To be in very big and busy crowds of people
  • To not get a lot of sleep
  • To experience some culture shock
  • To try new foods and start liking foods I didn’t like before

I will be writing for this blog for the month of June and I want to tell you about my experiences studying in Italy in case you might be interested in doing so in the future! For my last blog post, I will compare my expectations to my reality while living in Italy. In the meantime, I will write about various experiences I have that I will be eager to share with you! Off to explore Italy, so ciao for now!


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