Sue Lor – Study Abroad in France

Hello, Hello!

I’m Sue Lor, a junior in the Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management major with a minor in Applied Foreign Language. I’m from Eau Claire, WI and have always wanted to travel and explore the world. I love languages and cultures and studying abroad is the perfect way to fully immerse yourself into the culture. About two years ago I was studying abroad on a faculty-led Engineer Manufacturing program, but as of right now I’m currently in France studying Food and Wine pairing on a faculty-led program.

Out of all countries why France? I think that the French language is so beautiful and I have always wanted to visit France. Every time that I tried to sign up for a French Language course while I was studying in the US, the courses were always discontinued. So when the opportunity to study abroad in France came up, I was ecstatic and took it! What better way to learn about the language and culture?

Yes, I am in France and we are studying Wine and Food pairing!!! Our group is comprised of 16 students, a student assistant, and our professor. We all arrived in Paris on May 24th and spent about three days exploring all the great sights of Paris such as the Eiffel Tower, the Old Lock Bridge, the New Locks Bridge, The Luve, Notre Dame, the Arc, the Sacred Heart Church, and etc. Instead of taking the metro and spending money on tickets, my roommates and I decided to walk all around Paris and visit all those sights in one day. We literally walked around Paris for an entire day and hit all the major sights/landmarks. Then the next day we hit all the other sights that we didn’t have time to go see. The crepe shop in front of the Eiffel Tower is the best crepe shop in Paris! After a couple days in Paris we moved on to Bordeaux. Compared to Paris we loved how calm and quiet Bordeaux was. Our advice is to spend a day or two in Paris to visit the sites that you want to see, but to go and stay and Bordeaux if you’re ever in France. Next week’s post I’ll go more into detail of the things we did in Bordeaux, the wine yards we visited, and about staying in our B&B in Auros.



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