Kirsten Kozlowski – Study Abroad In London, England

Hello again!

So it has been two weeks since I arrived in London, and it has been amazing! At the London College of Fashion, all of our “teachers” are actually people from the industry, which is so cool. Since I am in a styling program, my teachers are actual stylist. They all have styled for every award show and one of them was ever Fergie’s (from the black eyed peas) stylist for the past 10 years. It’s awesome having people who have actual experience in the fashion industry.

This past week, our program took a trip to Paris. One word. Amazing. Paris is a place I have wanted to go for a long time. We got to see every side of the city, from the high end stores to the vintage markets. We got the chance to see the Louvre, which holds the Mona Lisa and we even went to the top of the Eiffel Tower. I personally HATED the Eiffel Tower because I am afraid of heights, but it was something I HAD to do. Paris has so much history, even more than London. My favorite part was getting to see Coco Chanel’s first ever store. As a fashion student, this was literally the coolest thing ever. If you are going to Paris, one thing you NEED to do is eat macaroons, crepes, and basically anything from bakeries. Anything you get, it will be delicious. Guaranteed.

For the styling program, we get the chance to style our own photoshoot. As I’m writing this, I am preparing for my shoot which is tomorrow. I am super excited and also super nervous because this is essentially what I want to do for a career. We even get the chance to use clothing straight from the runway. HOW COOL. This shoot is so important because the final products will be put in a magazine called “55 Pages.” So, I definitely had to bring my A game.


Thanks for reading!



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