Hannah Becke – Study Abroad in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Hello again,

Well everyone, the time has come. Classes have ended and now I am waiting to take my exams. Last time I posted I was about to take a trip to Durban to go shark cage diving. Let me tell you, it was a blast! After we got suited up and ready to be briefed before we go out on the water, our instructor said that the boat that carries the cage on it was broken, so we had to choose if we wanted to postpone, or free dive. That’s right – free dive as in being in the water with no cage in between us and the sharks. Don’t worry, they weren’t Great Whites. We decided that we came all this way and it would be more fun to free dive anyway. We had an amazing time out in the clear, blue, warm water. We were swimming with Black Tip sharks for about 45 minutes! It was such an incredible experience and I’m glad I did it here. We also went to Crocworld, an aquarium, a World Cup stadium, and to a nature reserve.

Two weekends ago I went on another excursion with international students planned by the university. We drove around 4 hours north to a place called Frontier Farms. This weekend was almost like I was back in the Midwest. We got to catch lambs and help castrate them, milk cows, shoot a rifle, feed a wildebeest and antelopes, watch someone sheer a sheep, and hike. It was such a peaceful weekend with lots of company and good food. No cell service or WiFi, just each other to talk to. A lot of the international students were there – ones from a different accommodation from us. It was nice to see, share stories, and play cards with them.

Some events are coming up within the next couple of weeks. My birthday is soon so I am going to go out to dinner with the friends that I have made here and then go to our favorite Tuesday night place for some karaoke. Next week my boyfriend visits, and I’ll get to show him my favorite places around Port Elizabeth. After that, I have three exams spread over the course of two weeks.

I am excited to come home but definitely sad to leave. I have been stressed the last couple of days trying to figure out moving in to my new place as well as all the other things that need to happen when I get home, but my family and friends have been helpful and supportive.

I have a month and a week left to go. I am sad to leave this place but I will cherish the memories and new friends that I have made. I know this was a right step in my college experience and I wouldn’t have changed this for anything.


Thanks for reading!



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