Hello again,


It makes me sad to say that I will only be here for two more months, returning June 22nd. Classes here end on May 25th, and exams are anywhere from June 1st – June 15th.

South Africa has a holiday Wednesday the 27th of April and on Monday the 2nd of May. I’m going to take advantage of no classes and take a trip up north to Durban with friends this week. I am going to go shark cage diving – one of the items at the top of my list to do here!

Something exciting happened last week… I secured a job for when I return home! Although you can easily get caught up in the greatness of studying abroad, you can’t forget about the repercussions that will take place when you come home. You need to remember the importance of your education as well as your responsibilities that will occur once you return. My job that I secured is on campus and part time, so I am in the process of finding another. I also made sure that I have enough money in my bank account for paying rent for the month I am missing as well as the rest of the summer. If you search for jobs early enough and let them know you are currently studying abroad, they will likely work with you and do an interview over Skype, Facebook Messenger, or another method.

Another thing to prepare for ahead of time is planning your next semester classes. I didn’t attend Advisement Day so it was a little difficult, but as long as you know what classes you need to take, and log in to Access Stout for your sign up date – you’ll be fine. Keep in touch with your advisor so they know you’re doing more than just having fun in another country.

Although my time here isn’t quite done, I still can’t believe I am actually doing this. This is a dream come true and I will remember it forever. Time is flying – these past three months have felt like three weeks and I don’t want to even think about how fast these next two are going to go.


Until next time,





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