Greeting for the last time from Prague!

I suppose the semester at Stout is coming to an end.  Over here I still have three and a half weeks left.  We’re not quite in the thick of it.  My heart goes out to my fellow students in Menomonie on their sleepless nights and caffeine filled days. You can do it!


I suppose this is my last time to speak from abroad about my experience.  It has been an invaluable experience.  My time in Prague has been amazing.  My main fear of not finding friends, or getting along with my roommates has been shattered by the fact that here my roommates are my closest friends.  All seven of us get along incredibly.  They love adventure, culture, and fun just as much as I do.  This past weekend we went on two different day trips, and they helped me celebrate my birthday by buying me flowers, cheesecake, and a group boat ride down the Vltava River in the middle of Prague.  I’ll be home in Minneapolis on May 31st, and I will be happy to be home, but I will miss this place and these people dearly.


I want to speak to any students reading this, thinking of whether or not to study abroad.  Students may neglect the thought of study abroad for many reasons.  The first could be money.  I was able to get financial aid, loans, and help to manage the finances over here.  When are you going to have this chance again anyways?  The second could be the fact that study abroad would require you add another semester to your four years in college.  I do not know why this is a thing, I will be graduating in four years having both studied abroad and with a minor (#noproblem). Third could be the act of leaving.  It is not fun.  It’s true, that there is no remedy for the sadness of being away from your family for however many months you are away, but the experience is more than worth it.  Your family will always be there when you get back.  How much sweet will the return be! Anyways, the bitterness enhances the sweet.


There is no measurement to the things I have learned while being here. Being immersed in a new culture has rounded my understanding of so many things.  When I left for study abroad on February 1st, I was caught up on the difference between going and leaving.  They seem so similar, if not interchangeable.   But going and leaving are two very different words, both speaking on the same action but from two different perspectives.  The hard and great thing about study abroad is that is requires both.  When you step on that plane you are both going and leaving- leaving your family, friends, and what you know behind.  But amazingly, you are also going.  Going into the unknown, the adventure, the future.   I encourage you to go, live, and see what the world can teach you.




Maddy Bradley



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