Hello Again,

The adventures continued as promised and over the past few weeks I got the chance to make the journey up to Northern Ireland, and visit the beautiful city of Belfast. There I fell in love. I cannot say enough about this remarkable city. It was a weekend full of such beautiful learning opportunities. Through The Titanic Experience, and the Black Taxi Tour, we were able to learn so much about the continuous battle that is fought against the Protestants, in hopes for the Catholics to be able to claim their land that they so proudly call home. The Black Taxi Tour was a serious eye-opening experience. With Belfast being one of the few cities in the world that is strictly separated by a 35 foot tall ‘Peace Wall,’ it became very relevant the difference in the wonderful land of Ireland, and the divided land of the Protestants. We were able to learn first-hand from a man that was has known nothing but the battle. He was a Catholic, born and raised in Belfast, and from a young age he was taught the importance of standing your ground, with hopes that one day he and his family would be able to call the beautiful city their own. While touring the battle grounds, and signing the Peace Wall, I realized how thankful to be able to live the life I have.

After making our long trip back to Limerick, classes continued as normal. With only one more week of regular class time, it is really becoming clear to me how fast time flies!

Despite my short amount of time here, I was able to squeeze in a few last trips before buckling down, and studying hard for my last two finals. This past weekend my friends and I took a relaxing weekend trip to Dingle, Ireland. Dingle, is a small coastal city with views like nowhere else. Throughout the weekend, we took a four hour, (exhausting), bike ride along the peninsula, had way too much ice cream, and took an adventurous walk through the country side where we ran into a few cows and a lonely castle. It was really a weekend like no other!

The next week weeks will be filled with some last minute traveling through the UK, and some preparation for my homecoming, but as I am at my final goodbye, I cannot thank those who have supported me throughout my time here in Ireland enough. I honestly, could not have done it without so many of you back home. As my time here is coming to a quick end, with only a month left before I make my long journey home, and I could not be more thankful for each and every day that I’ve spent here.






A Belfast View. Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK.



The Peace Wall. Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK.



The view from our bikes. Dingle, Ireland.



Rolling Green Hills. Dingle, Ireland.


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