Hi again!


Fall weather here is very interesting. It can be 65 degrees and cloudy one day, and 95 degrees and sunny the next. I’m not complaining though – much better than the 45 degree weather back home!


Last time I wrote I talked about my trip to Cape Town. The most exciting thing that has happened since was my parents coming to visit! They arrived on a Thursday and left the following Thursday. We traveled all around Port Elizabeth – city and township tour, eating at my favorite restaurants, trying new restaurants, shopping in both malls and flea markets, touring my university, visiting where I volunteer weekly, and going on safaris! It was so nice being able to show them what I have been experiencing for the past (almost) three months. It was fun teach them about the culture and customs, and even more fun to see their faces when we went on the safaris and saw so many animals up close!


Having them here was a great experience for both of us. They got to picture me in this new environment first-hand, and I got to show them first-hand how incredible of an opportunity this is for me. When they left, my mother told me that she sees why I love it so much here and understands that this was an important step in my college career. My mom also said that I would come home sad and “have the travel bug” and want to travel much more. I can already tell that she is right, but then again she is my mother – so of course she is!


I didn’t need my parents to come visit, I could have survived without them. But when you are thousands of miles away from home and in a different time zone, it’s nice to be able to hug someone familiar. I think the trip was more beneficial for them – they had an excuse to travel because I was here. I loved their visit but it also makes you think about home. Home is great and I will be returning in about two months, but you still have to remember why you are here and enjoy the present. Home will always be there for you to return to, but you might not return to where you are studying abroad. Take every chance you can to make a memory.



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