It’s early April, and Prague is really waking up.  Spring time in Czech is turning out to be a beautiful time to be here.  The trees are blossoming pink flowers, cafés are putting out outdoor seating, and the sun has finally come out.  Last week it was 75 degrees and sunny! It has been an unbelievably busy two weeks since my last post.  In the past two weeks I hit 5 countries in 9 days. It all started with spring break.


My best friend and sister-in-law from home was studying in London this year so we decided to spend spring break together!  We started by meeting in Rome. In our 6 days there, we were able to see St. Peters basilica, the Trevi fountain, the cemetery where Percy Shelly and John Keats were buried, the Pope talk on Easter Sunday, and the Pantheon.  In this time we also ate copious amounts of gelato.  On Wednesday of our spring break we woke up early to fly to Athens (only a $18 flight through Ryanair!).   In Athens we saw all kinds of things that were within walking distance of our Airbnb. In one day we were able to see the Parthenon, the National Gardens, the Dionysus Theater, and many other historical landmarks.  By that point though we enjoyed spending several days on the beach.  It was absolutely glorious.


Getting back to Prague I had only 4 days before leaving for Poland with a school weekend trip.  This trip I was really excited for.  We had four days in Krakow, Poland.  CEA (the company that works for and with study abroad students) put us up in a nice hotel and organized tours and museum visits.  On Friday we were able to see Schindler’s factory, and hear about his work.  The highlight of the trip, was the privilege to tour the Auschwitz- Birkenau site.  We spent our whole Saturday there, following an amazing team of tour guides that showed us all the buildings and explained to us the history of the location with great reverence.  It was emotional and heavy.  Walking under the “Arbeit macht frei” gate was surreal.  The weekend was a valued time, that I will never forget.


Now I am back in the Czech Republic, and will be here until the 21st of May.  After that I hit Scotland, Ireland, Canada, and then I’m back in the U.S. of A.! I am very much loving my time here, but I’m also excited to see everyone at home again.  For the time being I’m seizing the day as best I can.  I’ve got 6 more weeks here and I am not going to waste them!


Until next time,



Maddy Bradley


This is me at the ‘Tower of Pisa’ (joke intended)



My friend Heather and I soaking up the Mediterranean sun.



Celebrating some Grecian architecture



The famous gate of Auschwitz “Arbeit Macht Frei”.  This is where our tour began.



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