Since my last blog post, I’ve really been able to adapt to the city even more.  Public transportation is second nature. I’ve learned how to get almost everywhere, just by my understanding of the city. No more holding my apple maps in front of my face at every intersection.  Running and exercise has also helped my directional sense.  Having more free time, I have started running more than I ever have before.  Long runs really help me visualize the ins and outs of Prague. It also helps combat that pounds added by the hefty Czech food.


Its Spring Break right now, which means the semester is half over.  It’s crazy!  Time really does go by quickly when you’re abroad, it feels like I just got here.  I’m currently spending spring break with my friend from home who was studying in London.  We’re in Rome for the first half of break and will be leaving for the second half in Athens on Wednesday. It has been magical to see the sun again.  One thing about Prague is that the sun does not come out much yet, so we’re loving taking in the sun.  Most our time in Athens will be spend on the beach, we’re looking forward to it.


I’m excited to see how the second half of study abroad goes.  After you adapt, the experience becomes so different.  Prague really has become to feel like a second home.  It will be sad to venture into my closing time but I just have to learn to live in the moment.  Adventure is a great way to do that.


I’ll talk to you all soon, blessings





At Prague castle overlooking Prague



Traveling through Rome with my friend Heather



The Coliseum 


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