Maddy Bradley – Study Abroad in Prague, Czech Republic

Name: Madeleine Bradley

Year: Junior

Major: Studio Art-Painting

Study Location: Anglo American University in Prague, Czech Republic
Ajoy from the Czech Republic!  My name is Maddy Bradley and I am in my third year as a Studio Art-painting major at UW-Stout. I’ve been here in Prague for almost a month, and I will be here for the rest of Spring semester.  I’m looking forward to every minute of it.  In Prague, I am attending Anglo American University, a private university taught only in English.  The study abroad organization CEA works as the ‘in-between’ for American students and the university.  CEA provides us with housing, tours, cultural events, and even trips to further extend our submission in the Central European culture.

I’ve only been here a few weeks but I’ve experienced so much! Let me tell you about the school system I’ve experienced so far, I love it.  While I do appreciate the rigor required every day from students at home, here the attitude is much different. Now your thinking- you don’t do any work? Well of course you love it there! On the contrary, there is work but there is less and it’s more flexible. I do have more free time, but I am able to dive into learning opportunities that I never had time for before.  Let me give an example.

I’ve always been interested in the writings of art critics and have wanted to try my hand at it. My Contemporary Art Scene class here in Prague is specifically made for this!  All the class is, is going to art museums and galleries all around Prague, and keeping a consistent journal of what we’ve seen. With my free time I have been able to extend this and see almost ten different exhibits in 3 weeks.  I’ve written about artists, exhibits, galleries and everything in between. The free time has enabled me to dive into an aspect of art I’ve never previously had the chance to get into.

Thankfully for me, Prague is booming with art and culture.  Not only is it great for any artist to come and study, but the food is phenomenal.  I’ve had to start up some more rigorous exercises as a result, but the goulash is worth it. Another beautiful thing- the architecture.  You can’t walk down the street without wanting to take a photo at every block.  Prague was one of the few major cities in Central Europe that was not bombed during WWll. It is a preserved ancient city, the gem of central Europe.  The buildings have an old world charm that feels like your living in a different time.

The arts, the food, the architecture, the classes, all of it make for a wholesome experience of which I have only skimmed the surface.  I’m looking forward to getting to know more Czech people and learn more of their beloved language.   I’ll let you know how that goes. So far I am loving this city and this experience.  Thankfully I am not leaving any time soon.

Blessings from Prague! You’ll be hearing from me again


View of St. Vitus Cathedral over Prague



Authentic Czech dinner with my roommates: meat, spinach, dumplings, and beer.



The Charles Bridge and St. Vitus Cathedral on a snowy Wednesday



Shot for my photography class, taken near my apartment.



My Roommates and I were able to visit Berlin.



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