Bailey Kilty – Directly Enrolled at the University of Limerick in Ireland

Name: Bailey Kilty

Hometown: Abbotsford, WI

Year: Sophomore

Major: Interior Design

Study Location: Limerick, Ireland


What’s the craic?!

Meaning “what’s up,” or “how’s it going.” This is a popular greeting amongst the Irish students here at the University of Limerick. My name is Bailey, and for the Spring 2016 semester I am studying in Limerick, Ireland. It’s been just over a month’s time, and it can’t explain how much appreciation and love I have for this beautiful place I now call home.

Being one of the first times traveling alone, a mix between excitement and anxiety filled me for weeks leading up to my departure. I was flying into Dublin, the capital of Ireland, where for a few days I would be exploring before making my way to Limerick and settling in to my new house. The travel was almost flawless! I am one of the lucky ones when it comes to having the ability to travel and study abroad without a strong language barriers. This was a serious blessing when needing directions to my first hostel. (It later resulted in a friendly mailman walking me right to the door step to ensure I would not be wandering on my own!)

Now, a month later, I am settled into my six bedroom house, with some pretty wonderful housemates, while learning to adapt to a new way of learning. One of the major adjustments I’ve seen thus far is the structure of what some may call a traditional university, in which many European countries structure their courses. Most classes’ grades are based off of a paper and a final exam with very little homework or testing throughout the term. Although there is still some to get used to, I have a pretty great support system with my “Irish Mums” at the international office, and my lovely friends going through the motions with me.

Outside of classes, I’ve had the opportunity to explore and experience some of the natural beauty that Ireland has to offer. I’ve taken a number of weekend trips exploring Limerick and Dublin, along with Howth, Galway, and Cork, with many more to come. This trip has been more than I could have ever asked for, and I cannot thank those who have supported me through this process enough.

You really haven’t experienced love until you’ve experienced The Land of Green. Its stole my heart, that’s for sure.

Until next time!


Dublin, Ireland.



Taking it all in at the Cliffs of Moher



A day on the beach is never a day wasted.



Blarney Castle.



A little whiskey tasking at the Jameson Distillery.



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