Colin Drahos – On Exchange in Venlo, Netherlands

Hello again from Venlo!

Man has time flown by or what! It seems like yesterday I was starting the semester, crazy to think I’ll only be here for another month and a half…

Let’s see, what can I catch you guys up on? Well I have still been traveling and seeing Europe. We recently had a fall break, a couple of buddies and I made sure to take advantage by traveling to Barcelona, Madrid, and the beautiful city of Prague, all highly suggested cities to visit when you come study abroad in Europe! My friends and I were fortunate enough with timing that we got to celebrate our Halloween in Madrid (as seen in the photo below!), and I’ll tell you what we had a blast!

Travel from city to city and country to country is a breeze! During my stay I have taken planes, trains, night busses, cars, and even boats. It is very easy to find great deals. I have had great experiences with services like RyanAir, BlaBlacar, and Meinfernbus. Also finding accommodation in hostels, Airbnbs, and Couchsurf can be great ways to save some coin on your adventures! For future reference to anyone reading this I’d love to help give suggestions on places to see, stay, and how to get to and from each destination.

I know some of you may be thinking “Is this guy even studying?” Don’t worry guys (Mom..) I am still going to school. I’ll admit it took a some effort to adjust to the different learning style, but I am confident that I am doing fairly well in each subject! The way grades are given can vary from place to place, for example with my school, depending on the class, there will be a group project/presentation during the semester and one final exam at the end of the semester that will determine your grade for the semester. My best advice for this is to stay focused and try not to wait till the end of the semester to try and learn the material because if you do choose to wait you will be sorry…  

Well that’s all for now! I hope everyone back home is enjoying their fall!

Until next time,

-Colin Drahos

St. Charles Bridge, Prague


Tapas in Barcelona!


Barcelona, Spain


Sagrada Familia, Barcelona


The Spain Boys live from Madrid!



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