Carley Hammers – Study Abroad in Florence, Italy

Ciao a tutti!

That means “hello everyone” in Italian, see mom that’s proof I go to class. But in all seriousness, I can’t believe my time here is half way over! Given that this is my senior year, I already knew that this year would fly by, but I am not kidding when I say that the weeks flash before your eyes living here. Since my last post I have been to Rome, Pisa, Prague, Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Paris and as I write this I am en route to Interlaken, Switzerland! It seems so crazy to think that in a month I have gotten to visit such amazing places, but it just goes to show how easy it is to travel when you are living in Europe! It is also because instead of Thanksgiving break, we get ten days off for fall break at the end of October. While the traveling is amazing (and exhausting) I want to tell you a little bit about my daily life in Florence.

First off, there are no, I repeat NO, Friday classes, holla! Therefore, I have classes Monday through Thursday and I don’t have any classes before noon, which is amazing. The only thing that has taken some getting used to going to school at Lorenzo de Medici is that it is structured more like a traditional university versus a polytechnic; this means a lot of reading unfortunately and my grade is based off two tests and final paper. Although this is something that I am not used to, they also incorporate a lot of great in class conversations and field trips which makes it really easy to become interested in the subject and learn the material!

After classes you can do a lot of things because Florence always has something going on. Most restaurants have aperitivo which is where you can get one drink and unlimited snacks for around six to eight euro, you can get gelato and just walk around the city where there are singers and street performers everywhere so it’s like a free show (besides if they are really good they appreciate tips), you can walk up to Piazzle Michelangelo where you can watch the sun set over the city of Florence (a personal favorite of mine) and so many other things. Also, LDM has an amazing activities program where you can sign up for museum visits, cooking classes, operas, garden visits and much more all for FREE, It’s seriously amazing. But, my weeks are really never the same, which is what I love most about this experience. It’s really easy to get into a routine when living at home, but when there is so much going on it really forces you to get out and experience everything. Europe is just magical, period.

That’s all until next time folks! Hope everyone is enjoying their semester as much as I am!

Standing underneath the Eiffel Tower at night


I went to one of the cooking activities offered by LDM and made the most amazing artichoke risotto!


The Boboli Gardens which is the biggest garden in Florence

Boboli Gardens

The pope came to Florence for the first time in 29 years and it was so unreal!



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