Laura Bauman – National Student Exchange in California

Hey everyone, me again!

I hope you’ve gotten a lot out of all of us who have been featured bloggers for study abroad this semester. The best way to get an idea of the programs UW-Stout has to offer is by talking to and hearing from people who’ve been on them! But as much fun as the travel and excitement of a new city, state, or country is, there’s still schoolwork to get done.

My major is professional communication & emerging media and we have this really cool thing built into our major called an applied field – it’s basically a second concentration. We get to choose what classes we take and what to name it! I decided to use my time on National Student Exchange to fill a chunk of those classes.

CSUSB is on a quarter system which is nothing like I’m used to. Classes started at the end of September and end before Stout’s do by a week! Because of this, classes are worth more credits and they’re much longer. The really cool thing is, though, is that I get to take classes that Stout doesn’t offer by professors who I never would have been able to learn from had I not done NSE. I mean, one of my professors is an Emmy Award-Winning director and producer… no offense Stout, but that’s pretty cool!

Not only do I get to learn from a different set of people, but I get to meet people from all over the world too. My closest friends here are from Boston, Albuquerque, California, & Wisconsin, but I have met friends from Canada, Puerto Rico and Brazil as well! Studying abroad, whether in the states or outside of the country, exposes you to a plethora of people from around the world that you never would have gotten to learn from otherwise. It’s really cool to hear about how my friends from Massachusetts grew up differently than me or how similar we are compared to our friends from California. Plus, it’s also fun to hear other people’s accents and be told that you have one as well (who knew Wisconsin had an accent?!)

That’s all for this week! Check out some pictures below of my travels since my last post!

Kayaking near Pismo Beach


Sea Lions on Pismo Beach – they’re noisy, rude, and smelly. But really cool!


Beautiful Pacific Sunset in Laguna Beach


Boyfriend came to visit! Had to go to Santa Monica Beach/Pier




My Going Global Manifesto – have you signed yours yet?



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